Cows are not the only animals that live on Central Valley Farm. We also have lots of egg laying chickens. They have their own cage-free barn. Their eggs are gathered daily and sold fresh to you.

If you have any questions about our dairy or eggs products please contact Brian Huff at (908)303-2855 or email

All of our dairy products and eggs can be purchased at our farm stand on our farm located at 12 Huff Lane, Asbury, NJ or at any of the markets that we attend.

Central Valley Farm has kept its roots in dairy farming and still has a small herd of Jersey and Holstein cows. The milk from our herd is used to make the dairy products that we sell. The herd spends most of their time roaming the pastures and comes into the barn twice a day to get milked. Yes twice a day, every day.

We carry several different types of cheeses. Our cheddar cheese is our most popular. In addition to our cheddar cheese we also have dill cheddar and hot jack cheeses. During the winter months we carry smoked cheddar cheese and in the summer we have mozzarella. We also have plain, dill, garlic & basil, onion & chive, hot pepper and pizza flavored cheese curds.

We also have butter, ricotta, and cow probiotics. Our cow probiotics are like a yogurt. The most popular is our flavored probiotics. It is thicker, similar to a Greek style yogurt, and topped with a fruit topping. We have strawberry, black cherry, blueberry and peach available. We also carry a plain  “farmer’s style” probiotic.

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